F-key skipping? [resolved]
First off, I just got started messing with PS2 emulation when my plasma screen died; kudos on great progress!

I'm not having any real problems getting my games to run decently. I AM having an odd problem with the interface, however; whenever I use a function key to try to manipulate an emulator setting, it acts as if I've double-clicked the key. So, if I'm currently running "none/normal" frame limiting and I hit f4, it jumps straight to "skip." The output log shows that it actually switched to "limit" for an instant, then went right on to "skip." It's this way with savestate selection, too; I'm functionally stuck with only 5 states, since the odd ones get skipped as I move through them.

This problem doesn't seem to appear elsewhere in applications that would register double-entry in a similar fashion. I don't use any special input drivers (mouse or keyboard), and I get this same effect in PCSX2 with different keyboards, new and old. I'm running XP SP3, 32-bit. Has anyone seen anything like this before?

Late edit:

I'm using the latest playground version, GSDX 0.1.13, PEOpS SPU 1.9.0, TwinPad 0.7.0, and the other default drivers, if it makes a difference.

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It happens to me too.
I'm using PCSX2 Playground v1.0.0395 . I just grabbed the svn377 setup from the other location, and it seems to have the same problem.

I could care less about the extra save slots, but the other frame modes...well, it'd be nice to know whether they'd offer improved performance or not. The "limit" mode intuitively seems like it ought to be a little better than the skip mode, but I can't actually tell...
generally, this happens when you have 2 different pad plugins set. I'd suggest you try switching to lilypad, both for pad 1 and 2. it should solve the problem...
OK, that was the problem; with either twinkey or lilypad, I needed to have the same plugin set on both controllers. Blazed right through graphics and sound config and never gave a second [first] thought to the *second* controller.

Thanks for the prompt reply!
Actually, I had problems with my TwinPad, and that issue is fixed now but still not for public.. till the next release..

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