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F1 button broken and disabled; how to save states?
Exactly as the title says. My F1 key died on me (among other things) and I won't be in a position to fix it or repair my keyboard for a while yet. Is it possible to switch that function to a different key? (I don' want to resort to the pulldown menu each time as I am a compulsive savestater.)

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on the main ui is a system menu
in the system menu is a save menu
Again, that's a little too inconvenient for me as I like to make redundant saves quickly. I'm mostly wondering if there is some way to preserve that function in an efficient way.
well there is it called press F1 -_-

go buy a new Keyboard ....
Don't listen to them;P, they're just too long here to know all pcsx2 features. ( Wink )

Create a file called
inside your ini's folder(if you used install version that's in "C:\Users\user\Documents\PCSX2\inis")
then add this line
and end it with a key like listed in the notes of r4917 and r4918 in which the feature was added/fixed.

for example
will make the savestate under 1 button(the one below F1;P)
miseru99 you keep impressing me more and more however playing with the source code however is not exactly a feature .... Laugh

however why don't we have something configurable in the GUI or something in the FAQ or Guide ! Wacko
It's not source;] ini files have nothing to do with it.;] They're "as binary" as the exe file.
didn't you take the basic Configuration template from the source and reConfigured them ?

however any other cool hidden features you got ?
You probably didn't pay much attention when this feature was added
when it was added ?

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