F12 build-in recording - codec question
Hi there,

I'd like to use the build-in record option from the GDSX plugin. I've run a test with one random codec I choosed from the list just to look how the FPS would be. Now I was wondering what Codec would be the best to record (to test them all would be a real pain in the %*ยง).

Also I watched/read zum tutorials to that topic but they were all mentioning some kind of "losless" codec but which can't be found in my list of codecs.

So if someone could give me some little advice that would be very helpfull Smile

Forgot to say that I use the latest from the website sownloadable version of PCSX2 with the "gsdx32-sse2-r5864" plugin. Also I'm from germany so the recorded games will be PAL (if this is some important info for the chosen codec).

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I recommend using this: http://sourceforge.net/projects/x264vfw/
Lossless at 1280x720 with every setting at fastest should perform nicely and give you great quality too
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Okay, nice. Thank you Smile

Now I just need to know how to add it correctly.

Nevermind. I just simply forgot to restart PCSX2. Works fine now!

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