F12 does not work
I am new to the forums and I don't know if this has been posted elsewhere, but I am not able to record my gameplay with the built in function in pcsx2 because pressing f12 simply switches my laptop to aeroplane mode. I've tried using other screen recorders such as fraps and obs but they slow down the gameplay to unplayable speeds. Hope somebody can find a way around this problem.

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Go into the root directory of your pcsx2 install.
Find PCSX2_keys.ini.default .

here I am a bit unsure -> Reading the readme confirmd me.
Copy (not move) it into the ini folder
rename it to PCSX2_keys.ini
Edit it with some editor
Replace the occurrence of F12 with some other hotkey. Be careful not to overwrite another feature.
Probably your F12 key defaults to its additional function in an attempt to ease use, have you tried pressing FN+F12 instead of just F12?
Ah.. that's true. Either you have some super cool economic battery saving & aeroplane feature that gets toggled by F12 or as said you are actually using the underlying/overlying function keys. Do other keys (as F1 or F4) work?
Yep, other keys work perfectly fine. It's only f12.
By the way, I'll try out what willkuer said.

EDIT: fn + f12 did the trick. Thanks for your help!

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