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F8 Key Missin?
Pls guys chk out the image below why the Hot Key F8 is missing in the DOS window? am i missin something some where in the PCSX2?

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which beta are u running?
i am running PCSX2 Beta 1474
press f8 in game and try if it take a snap with me
Yeah the console doesn't write it. So what Tongue Also stop posting huge pics of your desktop, either use the attachment feature of the forum or just shrink your image to something that isn't HUGE.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
@Bositman i hope the attachment would work now Smile

@coder_fx i have already done that several times (pressin F8) but its not workin for me thts why i mention this issue here to resolve it
Check to see if you have a folder named 'snap' (NOT 'snaps') in the folder you have pcsx2.exe in. If not,create it
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Where are you shearshing for the snaps?
Two things:

1) GSdx had broken snapshots for quite a while. If you're not using a fairly recent version of GSdx, this might be your problem.

2) There are some issues with F8 in various combinations of GS plugins and PCSX2 revisions. It's an unfortunate mistake, but somewhere along the way the 'snap' folder got changed to 'snaps'. Some GS plugins (older GSdx, ZeroGS) look thor the 'snap' folder, and fail if the directory doesn't exist. Newer GSdx plugins look for 'snaps'.

Older PCSX2 revisions created only a 'snap' folder. Newer revisions create a 'Snaps' folder. So you need to manually make sure both 'snap' and 'snaps' folders exist in your pcsx2 directory if you want to use older PCSX2s or older GS plugins. And then your GS plugin of choice should manage to save the snapshots to one or the other.

Yeah. It's a mess.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
so do u mean tht i have to make 2 folders right now i have one folder with the name of snaps, so i have to create other folder with the name snap right?

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