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F9 Hotkey no longer working please fix.
Just as the title says, the F9 hotkey to toggle between hardware and software render is no longer working and am using the latest official build PCSX2 1.2.1. Please fix this issue because I cant play fatal frame without it. F9 key is the only hotkey that doesn't work every other hotkey works fine. just not the F9 hotkey to toggle between hardware and software. In case you ask am using windows 8.1

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Did you change the default keys in the ini?

Does F9 work in other programs?
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PCSX2 General Troubleshooting FAQ
Never Mind I fixed it, I have a razer keyboard and it turns out I had F9 set as a macro key in the razer synapse application, and how that happened I don't know, but I fixed it. Sorry for this useless thread Sad
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