FF 10: Missing Small Amount of Textures on Hair & Waka's Armor?
just as the title says, waka's shoulder pads seem to have missing textures and the hair on the characters seems either transparent or just oddly layered from certain angles.

What would be the best settings under GSDX for this game?

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The hair problem is common error for FFX, they should look perfect if you turn off VU1rec (or was it VU0rec? oO) but the game will run very very slow, nothing much you can do about it.

I'm not sure about wakka's pad problem could be related to the same or be a log-Z issue (GSdx), can you show a screen of the problem?
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What's the HOTKEY for taking a snapshot? It's one of the F buttons right? Also another example would be odd clipping on the back of kimihari's hair in the opening to the game.

[Image: gsdx20091220201634.th.png]

You can see their backs are missing some pieces. It seems like this with every character model in cut scenes.
It's the same issue then, turning off one of the VUrec (can't remember which) gets rid of it but makes the game very slow.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Just a heads up if you're wondering what the shortcuts are, check right at the bottom of the pcsx2 window and it lists them (see picture below).

Only one it doesn't show (currently) is F10 which is video capture with the latest GSDx plugins (1637 and later)

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Tried turning one off and it fixes it but then it's at like 5 frames a second. Any other way to fix it?
Unfortunately at this point and time, there isn't. It's not exactly clear yet why it occurs.

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