FF 10 - pcsx2 0.9.6 linux (mac)

I hope someone can help me ! I've been trying for now almost a week to make FF10 work on my macbook.

I downloaded everything, I managed to doa correct configuration and I created an ISO from my original cd.

When I use zzogl 0.21.213, everything seems to go well, fps around 50. But It misses don't graphic details (arrows and dialogue).

So I start to use ZZOgl-pg 0.1.0 and did everything as explaned...
Then all the graphics details work perfecly but, the fsp goes around 20-30.

So far, to me, it's just minor issues that I can live with...BUT while the video of the destruction of the city by Sin, when Tidus is falling, no matter the bios/plugins I use, I have a white screen, then the it freezes, and nothing more !

I barely start to play that I'm realdy stuck... I don't want to give up yet, but now I feel desperate !

Please, tell me there is way to fix that problem !

ps : sorry if i made some grammar fault and hurt your eyes but i'm not a native english Smile, still learning !

Thanks for your help,


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Macos or linux?
I'm a mac OS X 10.6.6 (10J567) user
Ok I moved into the right place Wink
I recommend the usual:
Get bootcamp and install Windows (XP if you must but 7 is better for the DX10 support).
This way you can use the actively developed PCSX2 version that has major improvements
in speed and compatibility.

The Mac version just isn't there yet.

FF10 is one of the only games that work great on mac, you just need a savestate to get you past the intro video. Just search the forums for a FF10 memcard savestate that you can put into the pcsx2 folder, this issue has come up before and I think there was one floating around here somewhere.

Or you can bootcamp your computer like rama said and save yourself the hassle...
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sorry for the very late answer ! (holidays...)

The idea to install windows bother me quite a lot... I'm not a core gamer so doing that just for gaming...

In addition, I have the exact problem with FFX2... so I start thinking that I'm doomed...

I will install the Lion OS an hope that it will works otherwise...will see !

Thanks anyway ! Smile

ps: i dug hard to found a savestate but those I found are for windows and there's a tool for changing a savestate but also for windows...
find a memory card, not a save state. search the forums, there are some posted, even in the mac forum. Mem cards are universal and so if you download one right after the blitzball scene you should be good. It is also a very common mem card save as this is a well known problem is this is the best work around.
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thanks ! will try to found one Smile
I might be stupid or something but can't found it ! even on the Internet...
the only thing I found is "the problem is fixed with the 0.9.7..."
and the one I found are way too far in the game or cheat altered...

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