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So, i was playing final fantasy 10 on my brand new computer (laptop. P8700 processor, gtx 260m graphics, 6gb ram, etc), and its the greatest experience ever. FINALLY can i play with my ps3 controller hooked up, and after beating 10, i said screw it. Lets go for FFX-2.

So, i threw FFX-2, and started playing. I noticed the starting cut scene was HORRIBLY choppy, so i started screwing around with my configs a little more, and changing plugins.

What i was hoping is for some advice for things to try (as im new to the ps2 emulator world), or settings that would help me play the game smoother.

I have tried playing from the disc directly, making an .iso of it and playing that way, compressing the .iso and trying that, and everything else i can think of.

Thanks in advance.

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FFX-2 cutscenes (videos) are very slow and buggy. The best way to view them is using the GSdx plugin and setting the software renderer (DX10 preferably but you can use DX9 too). You can toggle it while ingame with F9 too, since it will be way slower with the software renderer after the video is over
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Thanks for the quick response.

Trying with DX10 is helping a little, so thanks for the advice. It seems the cutscenes are gonna be a little buggy, but damn is it irritating when the scene is going 50% the entire time.

Is there any chance if i used a different bios it would help? Or is it most likely just the game and graphics/sound plugins i need to upgrade?

Edit: Also, if i could get a quick answer, whats the best way to play a game? From the disc, from an .iso, or compressing before play?
No, bios has no impact in anything emulation wise (except some very very rare cases). No, no other solution, it's a GS plugin bug. FFX-2 has like 4-5 videos throughout the whole game so this should be very minor really.
Best way would be from an ISO file using the linuz iso plugin (don't mount it with any external program)
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I appreciate the help. Too bad things cant always be perfect, but with how compatible things are its impossible to complain.

Ill do my best to update the plugins on more time, and after that its just time to plow through.

Thanks tons again.

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