FF-X Stops in Battle
Well guys, was playing final fantasy x, when I arrived at a place where thunder is falling. Well, when I go into any battle in this part, so the monsters appear in the game is an infinite loop, the sound is normal but the commands for the battle does not appear. Since I can not win can not advance in the game. Can anyone help? = S

Below is a picture.



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pcsx2 versopn ?
try turning off all speedhacks if used
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you have to be careful there, it's a known bug. use savestates or something that should be able to get through it. I just made a no-encounters ring to pass through
Pcsx2 0.9.7 rev 3623 ..

I'll try to disable the speeds to see if solve ^ ^
it won't solve that, but good luck in your attempts
For it is not solved = / but thanks anyway ..

This ring is in the game Saiki? With Customize?
you an make it ingame, yes. or use the FFX editor on the forum
I fixed that hang a few revisions back.
You'll have to wait for a new beta of PCSX2.
(Or search for a current svn version. No support then though!)
ah.. you fixed that one now. I stand correctled then lol
I had the same problem, which would usually happen when I fought an Iron Giant and two Ahriman/Floating Eye, but no other fights.

I'd make a no encounters ring anyway just because of the Thunder Plains, for the fact you need to go there at least four times for 100% completion.

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