FF-X : which version + plugins?
have you recently bothered with FFX on pcsx2?
I'd be interested in what experiences you have made regarding which version of pcsx2 it works best with?

In the last releases the gsdx plugin always ***** up the FMV so, i had to rely on zeroGS.
Can anybody actually render the FMVs in FFX ok with gsdx?
But gsdx doesn't seem to be superior (reg. ffx) to zeroGS anyway so i guess it don't amount to much.

Anyway it seems to me that ffx was as good supported (if not better) for close to tow years now, which is kinda dissapointing.
I guess in its early days pcsx2 was so much optimized for ffx , that its recent development rather detracted than benefitted ffx; though of course the majority of the games has a received a huge benefit.

Or is there anybody who didn't change his hardware since 0.94 and could not play it back then and can play it now because of optimized code?
I doubt it.

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you're right, the zerogs works much better than gsdx on ffx

i use the latest pcsx palyground version and am very pleased with it. the only thing that bothers me on ffx is the crappy sound in the fmvs but that's caused by the 3x cycle so i gotta live with that
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This is like the 7th thread about FFX I've seen in the last 2 days, they are more (and far better games, that run well) than FFX.

Maybe we should have a FFX Forum. Or an official FFX thread all keep all FFX related issues there.

Also, I don't know what it is but FFX runs 'perfect' for me on PCSX2 'right out of the box'. The only problem I had was on 0.9.2 with the Auron: Look issue but that was easily fixed.

But you are right, ZeroGS and gsdx don't have much difference in the rendering of FFX. Just the problem with FMVs in Gsdx for certain systems.
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with 3x cycle i've no problem with sound on FFX, sound crappy when play Persona 4, i think your spec n set.conf may varry the result.
nah, i was varying settings for a whole day to get it playable. the sound sucks only in the fmvs so that's ok for me Wink i'm happy i can play it.
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Core 2 Duo T5800 @ 2ghz
GeForce 9600MGT
i love my aspire 6930g Tongue
Hi there guys,

Wow, seems to be a mixed bag though for FFX... I have the complete opposite issues!! ZEROGS latest plugin (last week about) plays ingame GREAT but FMV is a total mess!!!! cant make anything out at all... On the other hand with the latest GSDX version the FMV scenes are GREAT while the ingame graphics are a mess on incorrect or missing geometry??!?

This has been from the last Playground release right up till the latest PCSX2 release / snapshot 478...

Sound seems for the most part great on my side though! Must check which plugin and version I'm using.

Specs are as follows if anybody has any kind of input on weather this is gfx card related or a global mess??

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biglad....if you have AA enabled in ZeroGS it causes the FMVs to show garbage. Once an FMV starts I turn off both AA (F6) and Billinear Filtering (F5) and once it's finished I turn them back on. Although, when playing FFX the last time (finished it again on Saturday), I played the last couple hours without AA or BF.

In GsdX, you have to enable the ffx hack. Although, it should already be selected automatically.

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LOL i just finish FFX with GSDX 1.14 and i don't got any problems with FFX graphic whas fine and speed to you just use wrong configuration....
Ok, tried the ZeroGS again to be sure... no luck bud, thought that was a little simple for me to miss!
Thanks though!
The GSdx plugin is the most difficult to understand, FFXII gave me endless trouble with both plugins, since about 2 weeks ago though, downloaded the last PG Beta release and since the latest releases of PCSX2 FFXII now runs like a gem. FFX on the other hand handles like an ox wagon. The geometry is a mess no matter which way I go with the plugins. The FMV is great in GSdx, and vice versa for ZeroGS... Tried with all options off (speedhacks and the like) no luck.

I will keep at it as I know it is playable, just my luck it had to be ME that got the dud system setup! LOL

Thanks Rudolf... If you want to trade machines just drop me a line! Smile
I will however start from fresh on my side, I have made a mess of a few of the plugins already I know... just trying to do my part I guess. Wink

Might be a plugin I fiddled with that is still there. It looks like a bomb went off in my plugins folder!!!

Thanks again for the assistance though! Just thought that the same issue was happening to others!
did you try enabling the FFX hack in zerogs's config?
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