FF-X2 on Radeon HD 3850
Is tehre any possibility to get this working properly?

starting the Game using my Config FMV is running @ ~20 FPS - ist just prerendered Video Playback, so if thats that hard, ingame will be impossible I gues.....

thought my cpu maybe the problem (e6300) , but looking at CPU usage its about 20-30%only.....

tried both video plugins!

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Switch to software rendering for videos, this is a known issue. Please use the search function next time on the forum.
[Image: 2748844.png]
well,software mode is even slower (by about 3-4 fps)
Ok, the fmv in this game are SLOW. Slower than the actual 3d.
You can not fix this slowness other than getting a faster cpu.
(Mine barely manages 60fps, core2duo at 4.12Ghz)

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