FF XII: Can I run it?
So yeah, so sorry about making you guys read the umteenth request post about running games (particularly FFXII) But your help would be greatly appreciated.

*Special note: this is a NOTEBOOK, not a PC*
Windows 7 Home Basic 64bit
Intel Core i3 m380 @ 2.53 (4 CPUs)
Intel HD Graphics: i3 integrated card (up to 1696mb)
6144mb of DDR3 RAM

Could you also post or make a link to settings for PCSX2 settings that would give good FPS (55-60+) and a balance of eyecandy on MY type *cough* of system. Thanks a bunch in advance!

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Your cpu possibly could menage full speed or close enough, but without decent dedicated gpu you can forget about any kind of enjoyable speeds in FFXII. Intel HD3000 is just too weak even for native res and also like all intel hd it has some lesser graphical glitches in this game(and many others;p) which aren't visible at better gpu's. Just forget it and play on your ps2 untill you get better hardware.
Mehhh... I figured as much. PS2 is somehow scratching big circles in my disks (i have Slimline), I've already lost 2 games to this circle spinning death machine. Repair dude wants to charge me an exorbitant amount of money to repair the thing. Thanks anyway Glare
using the guide in my sig, and then swapping to SW mode should do the trick
Awesome. Will get back to this thread in 'round about 1hr. (ISO maker making meh ISO) >.< thanks Saiki!
Saiki the great hopegiver(timewaster) Tongue ~ software mode on i3 @2,5ghz in FFXII? Good luck.
Lol miseru99. The setting work well about 5min ingame (still waiting to see the results of lots of mobs/npc's) @+/-57 to 61fps ingameBiggrin. admittedly,there is a MAJOR slowdown with cutscences (40fps) and quickenings (30-40fps) but its still playable (in the broadest sense of the word, coming from a person who dares to play ARMAII on this "lean-machine"Wacko) I will in time upgrade to a better rig, but this will have to do for now. Better than when i tried NFSUG2 without his settings. will fiddle around abit with the settings and stuff and see if i can squeeze a few more FPS out.
The Intel HD manages to run FFXII at 40 FPS in the first battle.
(03-18-2013, 07:23 PM)miseru99 Wrote: Saiki the great hopegiver(timewaster) Tongue ~ software mode on i3 @2,5ghz in FFXII? Good luck.

Are you forgetting who I am and what I have done?

@op use the gsdx.ini below

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