FF XII - Certain particle effects look awful
Hi all.

PCSX2 is an awesome emulator and I've used it for several years for quite a few games. I've usually solved issues just with google-fu but this one I'm really stuck on.

I'm trying to play the IZJS version of ffXII and while most things are working great there's one glaring (no pun intended) issue with particle effects that's really bugging me, because the ridiculous particle effects are part of what makes this game good!

My specs are good enough that I can mess with pretty much whatever setting I want with no frame drops so long as I have the multicore hack on, i7, GTX970 etc, but some particle effects are just looking really bad, rendering as huge, glaring squares. The flashing punch effect on Fran's first quickening is one of the worst and most readily repeatable offenders but some lighting effects in cutscenes were even worse, blanking the entire screen in a distracting grid of jagged squares.

[Image: 2d13j36.jpg]

I know upscaling can only do so much and all that but I'm sure the particle effects aren't supposed to look this bad. I've seen other people's screens and footage that look way better. I've tweaked every setting I can find right down to blasphemous things like native resolution with no AA but nothing has made even a slight improvement. Anyone know what's up?

Edit: my graphics plugin is GSdx 0.1.16 which is a little old but I had trouble finding anything newer that wasn't the 2.0 beta. Most of the posts I turned up about updating are from like 2012 or older.

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The latest version of everything will come from http://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2
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if its the same in the latest version, can you post your gsdx settings?
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Me confirmed dumbass. Laugh It looks gorgeous now! I don't exactly which part fixed it but I guess the version I was using was just horrendously old.

Thanks! Updated the subject in case anybody else goes googling for the same thing.

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