FF XII Sstates
Hi guys, First i would like to congratz all the Pcsx Team, i'am playing to FF XII since 2 weeks and it work perfectly.

The game is much better with pcsx than on my real PS2 Wink (playing 1680*1050,).

But unfortunaly i have lost my sstate saves ( i was in Eruyt village, 29 Hours of playing). So If someone may send me a pcsx sstates that woulb be nice Wink

P.S all my apologies for my poor english, i'am french Smile

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I'am playing on PAL (europe version).
Nobody can help me please ?
The best way is try to re-play the game ...
Try looking on Final Fantasy's 12 Gamefaqs page for saves round Eruyt village. They won't be save states, but you can import those saves to your memory card.
Ok thanx a lot i'll do that this evening Smile
you should always save the games normally to save your game, sstates are a fine addition (specially to "cheat" in the game) but they break a lot so you shouldn't rely on them to save your game
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