FF XII fps problems
Hey everybody. First of all i suck at emulators, and i suck a little in english.
FF XII (NTSC) used to work perfectly on my computer a couple of years ago but know the very best i can get is 40 fps, and 25 fps most of the time.
i have an Intel Core 2 duo p7350 2x2 Ghz
4 Gig RAM
ATI mobility rodeon hd 3650
Using pcsx 0.9.7, GSdx 3693 like i always do, SPU2 for the sound (the worst quality for the best speed), many speedhacks and all that stuff.

I repeat it used to work perfectly a couple of years ago. Help please!

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(06-04-2011, 03:52 PM)zyed777 Wrote: I repeat it used to work perfectly a couple of years ago. Help please!

maybe possible your laptop has collected a lot of dust better have a maintenance for now.
and one more thing is the laptop temperatures...the more dust collected in your laptop the worst performace you get and raising temperatures..
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Maybe you're right. After all the temperature is quite high. but it has always been
in 2 years alot of things might have happened like changing OS , etc
and the game is quite easy to emulate you should have full speed with those speces there must be a problem
make sure to use native res
if you are using win 7 change power plan to "high preformance"
And why arent you using 0.9.8?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
didn't even know there was a 0.9.8 Tongue2 Will it resolve my problem?
PS: I AM using full performance and native is switched on
I switched clamping mode to "none" and "constant skipping" in "frame skipping" and now it's better (45 fps average and sometimes full power)
Thanks for your concern guys! Tongue2

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