FF XII glitch in Archades with cheats enabled
If you cannot get the cab driver to except the "chops" you have collected in Archades the following patch worked for me!

comment=Pinewood Chops quest complete
patch=1,EE,10548828,word, 000005FE
patch=1,EE,1054882C,word, 000003E4
patch=1,EE,D0548830,word, 0010007E
patch=1,EE,10548830,word, 0000003E
patch=1,EE,10548834,word, 0000017E
patch=1,EE,20548844,word, 07060609
patch=1,EE,E0020000,word, 1054ED96
patch=1,EE,0054883E,word, 00000001
patch=1,EE,1054ED96,word, 0000001C
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^Just for the record I told him he could make this thread
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