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Hola como estan, les comento mi problema, tengo un TV LCD Scarlet de 42" conectado a la computadora en modo HD 1080p, pero el emulador corre lento cuando hago full screen, hay alguna opcion para hacer full screen sin que se ponga lento? probe poner intrnal ress en 1024 x 1024 pero cuando hago full screen se relentiza.. Sad q puedo hacer???

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Gracias... Smile

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As far as I can understand, you're saying you own a 42" LCD, and you've got a problem setting the internal resolution...

Apart from that, my school lessons failed.
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Duh... I'll translate:
Hi, how are you?, i'll comment you my problem, I got a LCD TV Scarlet of 42" connected to the computer in HD 1080p mode, but the emulator runs slow when fullscreen, is there any option for making fullscreen without making it going so slow? I tried with internal resolution of 1024 x 1024 but when i put it fullscreen it slows down.. say, what can I do???

sorry buddy but think about it, until the foreign languages-speakers members of the pcsx2 community have their own subforum everything will have to be in the language, gotta respect that
regarding your problem, I think it will be better to lower even more the Internal Resolution, it's the only solution I can come with.
If you dont understand english tell me and i will help posting your stuff in english

lo siento amigo, pero piensalo, hasta que haya un subforo para las personas que no hablan ingles en el foro de PCSX2 todo lo que pongamos tiene que ser en el idioma de aqui, ingles, tendremos que respeter eso. sobre tu problema, creo que sera mejor que le vas todavia mas a la Internal Resolution, es la unica solucion a la que puedo llegar.
Si no hablas ingles dime y te ayudare a postear tus cosas en ingles =)
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... Sorry people but it is CLEARLY stated in the rules. English ONLY. Closed.

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