FF XII issue & record question
Hi all !

First, I would like to thank every single person who worked in the dev team, may it be 10 years ago or nowadays, because what you achieved with PCS2X is simply increble, and very awesome. Thanks to you I'm able to play the game that left such a huge emotional mark on me.

That being said, I'm having a little issue while playing FF XII from the original DVD via PCS2X. Everything works fine but the CGI cut-scenes. Indeed, every now and then, a black screen will come and disappear very quickly, breaking the video. I play in D3D11 with a GTX 570 non overclocked, resolution x5 and Edge AA. Any idea what the problem would be ?

Plus I still don't understand how to record using the built-in plug-in. I know i can press F12 and recover the files in the directory i choose and merge it with avimux or something, but the problem is, I can't get the files... I only managed to get the audio file, and it's even not always here Sad

I thought I could find help here Laugh

Thank you Wink

Oh, and I also wanted to know how I can disable the frame limiting without seeing my game run like it seems accelerated ^^

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well Framelimiter makes the game run 100% nothing more but maybe less why do you want to disable it and yet you want the game 100% speed
I thought I could have like 120 FPS and see it run at 100% speed with this frame rate thanks to my hardware. Thanks for helping.

Any solution for the other issues ?
Any solution please ? This is very annoying Sad
Have you tried using software mode during the cut scenes? In case you do not know how to do this. You simply push F9 during it to switch to software mode and press it again to switch back to hardware.
I5 3570k 3.4ghz| 4GB R9 290| 8GB DDR3
I'll try it ASAP, thanks for the tip ! Does it keep the DX11 setting ?
Better just use Imgburn to dump the iso of your dvd and play from hdd. Playing from PC dvd drive is bad, both for your experience and for your dvd drive lifespan;p. PC dvd drive is much faster than PS2 one, but stops very often, when the game will need more data again you will experience a short freeze awaiting the disc to spin up again, if it happens during the movie it's easy to imagine a frame or two of a blackscreen as result.;p

And no you can't increase the game frames without increasing the speed. At least not without causing loads of sync problems, glitches, often even freezes or crashes. Just totally forget about such ideas and be happy of running the game as it was designed for totally different hardware with little to no problems.

For your internal recorder problems, well it's pretty raw feature. After pressing F12 you must select where you want video to be saved(avoid system folders;p, which by default includes main dir of system drive), you also have an option to select movie res, choose encoder(which list of depend on encoders you have installed in your system;p, you can find loads of those in the net) and optionally configure it(if it has any options). Then press OK to start recording and press F12 twice to finish it. Pretty simple. Sound is always in pcsx2 main installation dir, video whenever you choosen it to be. If you can't find the video, it was either moved by your OS or didn't saved at all(for example broken encoder;p). It could also be lack of space on your hdd, especially if you don't encode the movie, full hd 60fps uncompressed grows giantic;] ~ awfully fast.

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