FF-x F9?
With the fmv's to ffX-2 , it is not working correctly , i been reading diff threads and is the solution to this problem just pressing f9?

sorry for all the confussion, i ment to type final fantasy 10 part 2

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Not a bug report, moved.

What problem exactly do you have? A screenshot would help.
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I had problems with FFX FMVs/videos in 0.9.7. In r1888 they run perfect.
Probably just forgot to set the specific fix for that game, I hope it is in the official beta too (I'm using a SVN version)

go to: Config -> Emulation Settings -> Game fixes

enable it and the clear entry for FF-X

Or just set the "enable Patches" under "the System" menu (again I'm not sure it is already in the official beta). That last solution works for several games applying their needed fixes and should be the preferred solution;
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