FF10 Blurry
I'm playing hacked verison of ff10 Pal verison with japanese dub, and I noticed that some battle either the characters are a bit blurry or the background is blurry. Its kind of annoying and was wondering if it was the problem with the iso, or my setting just isnt right..

I have everything on default expection of having native to x5 and speedhack on. The games running perfectly with frame rate going at 55~60 fps. And I'm playing on fullscreen

Any feedback as to what might be a problem would be greatly appreicated

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Tried upscaling ?
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Add the above code on its own line to the file GSdx.ini, which can be found in the inis folder. I'm assuming you're using a recent SVN.

IIRC, it should be "SkipDraw=1" in PCSX2 0.9.8.
or he could use the aggresive crc check in the new svn, btw ffx, x-2 and xii are blurry, they were mean to tv's and not pc monitors Tongue
FF has a blur put on the game to make it look more 3d. if you play it at native you won't notice it at all. (with up-scaling you have to disable that)
mostly during calm lands battle,it's random occur even on the real PS2.
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thats a heat wave effect.....

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