FF12 IZJS 12 hits...
bug or glitch? i was playing solo vaan for quite some time n was saving the game on savestates only plus i was using the rng code for spawning treasures n rare game a lot. While in in the tomb of raithwal vaan was doing 12 hit combos every time without a miss. later battle with vossler on the ship vossler was also doing 12 hit combos. it stopped when i added members to the party...

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not a valid bug report, moved to general windows support
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do you mean the character auto-triggered a certain move everytime ?
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You can have multi hit with a certain probability (depending on the weapon and character). I think 12 hits in a row happens almost never.

Since you always used savestates and cheats a bug is highly probable but not necessarily reproducible. Just save the game using the memcard function and reload it to check if the problem persists.
not only 12 hits every time u block every attack of the enemy without a shield...it happened again so i realised what i did... the rng code i mentioned above if u activate it by pressing R2+R3 than L2+R3 rather missing all the attacks as the code says it is a 12 hit block everything...

//Treasures RNG Code; only works in one zone/area at a time
//L2+R3 for 100% Treasure Spawn
//R2+R3 for 100% Rare Item rate in every chest
//L2+R2+R3 to set RNG back to NORMAL
//Equip Diamond Armlet for the DA-specific loot
//For Lvl.99 Red Chocobo; Kill 6 chocobos in Ozmone Plains; use 100% Treasure Spawn code
//After it spawns, change RNG back to normal so you don't miss every attack
That code doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me...... but I would say that's the culprit then. It seems to mess with it at least judging by that code description. (Changing the RNG back to normal to not miss attacks? Wut). Not sure how it relates. Definitely odd code.
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Apparently it alters the main game RNG which seems to affect both treasure spawn and other things like hits/misses, damage, etc. So altering it in any way would alter all those things.
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somehow only vaan is doing 12 hits rest all missing their attacks but blocking enemy attacks....
the code works like charm on level 99 chocobo, all treasures including invisible ones, rare game which has percentage for spawning every entry and now vaan the invincible combo maniac....

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