FF12, Optimum settings, decent rig
So far I've been dabbling on and off and seems good. I wish I could bind lilypads turbo to something other than L3, but not bad.
Only problem I noticed was it's been hell to find the exits on a map. I run around blind until I see the dotted line, or I have to keep hitting select.
I was watching a vid on youtube and saw the exits on the minimap glowing blue.
I realized I'm not getting this. In dx11, if I unchecked Enable hardware hacks, its present but ugly and faint.
DX9 has it on, but still ugly and faint. Any ideas how to tweak this?
Software had it smoother but definitely out of the question.

Also forgot to mention, I often have a line on the top and left sides, 1 pixel off perhaps that look funny.
Heres a black loading screen, http://i.imgur.com/ElaLsxG.jpg
And just some area in the dungeons, http://i.imgur.com/Qmz8afv.jpg
I thought something like half pixel offset would help, but no difference.
Edit: Disabled msaa and it went away. Not sure if what good that was doing, but definitely annoying if in full screen mode.

Ahh jeez, now with DX9 I have ghosting again in cutscenes, and enabling Alpha in hardware hacks isn't doing jack balls. *sigh*

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