FF12 RNG method

I'm currently playing ff12 and as we all know the treasure chest in this game is quite random and reading some things in gamefaqs i learned the rng ( random number generator) method w/c guarantees to get rare item from the treasure chest.

this method is quite a pain cause you need to shutdown down your ps2 ( power cutoff, reset won't do) to reset the said number to 0. unfortunately my ps2 lens is dead.

So what I'm asking is if this method will work on pcsx2 by simply closing the program. I'm midway tru the game so I haven't tried it yet and don't want to waste my time trying it if it's not working on pcsx2.

sorry for the trouble and thanks.

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As long as you close the program and load from a memcard save just like on a PS2 it should work the same. As far as I can tell gaming the rng is only problematic if you reload savestates.
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