FF12 izjs cheats not working after unstutter patch...
i applied the ff12 izjs un-stutter patch to the iso... stuttering is gone but the cheats are not working and the old save states are not loading it says no save states are there.... i had copied the iso before i applied the patch... the cheats and save states are back with the original iso.... tried the uk n us patches the iso does not run with those....

my original iso is already patched with English patch...

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Applying a new patch probably changed the CRC.
That's why.
You can try to change your pnach name so that it matches your new crc., but no guarantee it'll work.
Previous Save states probably won't work whatever you do
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thanks a lot that was the case the crc had changed... changed pnach name the cheats are working dont care much about the sstates much as a i save the game on crystals as well....
canyou send me the patched version of the iso to this game?
please send patched iso to this email

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