FFII Controller issue
Hey all,

I've got everything working fine on FFII (haven't played through it since 2007! Excited!) except for one small naggingly annoying controller issue: I can not run on the forward left and right diagonals. I can run backwards along all axis', and straight forwards; but I have to use the camera to turn if I want to keep running (while turning) and not switch to a walk between running forwards and running straight left or right.

I think that's pretty clear.

To recap, all buttons work fine, graphics fine, everything fine... Except Vaan slows to a walk when I rotate my left analog stick from forwards through to left or right, and then starts running again when the stick is going straight left or right along the X-axis. But he runs just fine along all the negative Y-axis directions, weird.

Help much appreciated.

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This is a control (and/or Windows) driver issue you can verify in the Windows testing... the course on the diagonals go to that "square" corners. My last controller a Razer Onza has a different behavior... it's course is "round" and it has not that diagonal issue every other had also in all games, just some are more sensible and can't reach the "run" point.

Yet I'm not telling you need to replace the controller, try moving the gauge at the "Sensitivity" at the controller config, sorry I can't give you specific values but won't be hard to find the point where it works.
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Thanks a load! Strange that it works to the rear without changing the sensitivity but I've upped the sensitivity for UP and LEFT and RIGHT and that seems to have done the trick.

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