so i have started playing FFX-2
i got all the time 50fps(pal version), only when i change the dresses in battle then it drops to 20-30 fps.. But whats really bothering me is the FMVs. They are just horrible.. So i wondered is there some fix for the FMVs?

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Pcsx2 0.96
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All the Cpu things is checked.

Speed hacks.
x2 cycle rate enabled
INTC sync hack enabled
IOP 2x cycle rate enabled
WaitCydes sync hack enabled

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Try disabling patches. (misc -> enable patches unchecked)
Set Cycle Rate to x1.5
Also try toggling interlacing (F5) when movie plays.
Isn't it that when you use those speed hacks, the FMV reproduction gets messed up?

EDIT: .... man, I hate it when they beat me to it.... Smile ... 3rd time today...
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speed hacks make cut scenes in all games choppy/horrible quality, for the most part
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cycle trhough nterlace mode until you set it to weave bff and check native res.

However, you'll still get problems with this annoying black banner at the bottom, and subtitles will be messy.

Nothing you can do about it, unfortunately. Sad
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