[FFX-2] Choppy gameplay / Cutscenes super lagfest
Hi everyone, I'm new to PCSX2 Forums, as mostly everyone with issues is Tongue, and I've gone through the official guide for the 0.9.8 release back and forth, tried everything else I could think of (google, youtube, etc.), and I still get choppy gameplay.

I'll now post my config & specs, but I must tell you that I'm not sure if Dual Core is...enabled, of sorts, on my laptop. It *does* have dual core, but I had to reinstall my OS a couple of times so far, and my Windows Performance Rate (You know, that system you get on Win7, by right-clicking your Computer) went down from 5.9 to 5, I don't know why. I'm not big on installing drivers either, because I have a really bad experience with them, especially Graphic Card drivers. I will, however, update them, if anyone can point me in the right direction and walk me through with baby steps.

Computer Specs

OS: Win7 Home Premium 64 bits
Manufacturer: Samsung Electronics
Processor: Intel® Pentium ® CPU P6100 @2.00GHz 2,00GHz
RAM: 4 GB (3,85 usable)
Graphics Card: AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5470
(Screenie if needed, clicky here. It is, however, in Portuguese Tongue. You can see the important stuff though.)

PCSX2 0.9.8 Config

I'm loading my FFX-2 via ISO file.
I have Auto Gamefixes enabled. I've also tried manual gamefixes and selected the FFX (Even though my game's FFX-2) fix, but to no avail.

(Throwing the Console screenie here too, in case it may help you.)

Emulation Settings
Game Fixes
GS Window
Speedhacks (Fiddled with Speedhacks to no avail, that's why they aren't as default, even though they're disabled.)

Plugin/BIOS Selector
Plugins Tried using different GS options, since the guide stated it may not be compatible, but I still didn't achieve any results.
GS and SPU2 options, I didn't configure any of the others.

So now the issue.

I achieve maximum fps on the menu, on the loading screen, in battles and moving around (even though it's a tad slow, nothing major though), but when playing 'real' cutscenes, as in, the ones that clearly use different graphics, the screen flickers and gives me black bars, along with an appaling 28 - 29 FPS. By using F9, I can see the cutscene properly, but it still rounds the same FPS value. In cutscenes with the normal in-game graphics, it's a bit slow rotating the camera, but otherwise flawless.

The main issue, however, is on a game hub, an 'Airship'. I don't know if it's the sound or the graphics, but I get as low as 34 FPS while I'm there, and as a result, the audio and moving around is painfully slow.

I'm not sure if this is a configuration issue or if my laptop just can't handle better, but here's hoping.

Thanks, in advance, for any help provided Laugh

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Quote:Score:2.0 (Low-end)
Minumum Req. :Near-PASS
C2D or AMD x2~ at 3.0 Ghz and gddr2 equivalent Video card(Except 64-bit bandwidth video card)
Recommended Req. :FAILED
For i5 or i7 at 3.2Ghz(Except P4,PDC,C2D,C2Q,i3),For AMD x2,x4,x6(Phenom only) at 4.0Ghz and gddr5 equivalent video card
Maximum Req. :FAILED
i7 Extreme series unlocked by 5Ghz and gddr5~ Super-OC edition video card or Nvidia GTX-Ti Super-OC edition and excess of 256-bit bandwidth
Priority Req. TongueASS
*If your desktop/laptop's has a C2D,Core-i BUT it's video card is a Intel-GMA,Gxx express chipset,Sandy Bridge's intergrated video card or other built-ined
VGA that takes priority of a failure system requirement.
**If your desktop/laptop's video card is gddr2,gddr3,gddr5 or other best video card BUT it's CPU is a Dual/quad-core less than 2.66Ghz, a
Pentium 3,4 or AMD without X,athlon 64,Turion,Celpron,486,586,Intel-Atom,Intel-Centrino,Intel-Celeron,Intel-Core-Solo,ALL types of Netbook or other single-core
CPU that takes priority of a failure system requirement..
FFX-2 is known to be the "High" demanding your rig is not too far enough...and your laptop is classified as "low-end" try using this tip.
Main PC1:i5-4670,HD7770(Active!)
Main PC2:i5-11600K,GTX1660Ti(Active!)
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PCSX2 version uses:Custom compiled buildĀ 1.7.0 64-bit(to be update regularly)
smartstk's YouTube Channel
That tip worked pretty well - I can now achieve 45 - 50 fps on the hub Ohmy
Thank you!
(12-26-2011, 03:14 AM)tallbender Wrote: FFX-2 is known to be the "High" demanding your rig is not too far enough...and your laptop is classified as "low-end" try using this tip.
excuse me while I say BS. 2.2 and an 8600 is enough to max out the FPS on this game at native
To get a decent speed with the cutscenes press F9 to switch to software mode and then F5 to set the Interlacing to None.

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