FFX-2 Dolby Digital

First of all, Happy New Year to everybody!

I recently got PCSX2 again and my copy of FFX-2. The game runs fine, sounds is working too and everything is great. Except that I don't have dolby digital running in the Sphere Theater.
I have a X-FI Titanium, I have an AVR, which is connected by an optical out (TOSLINK) and I enabled Dolby Digital in my X-FI sound settings. My AVR has DDL and DTS support! I tried getting DDL working with DirectSound and with Portaudio and with XAudio2. I never got sound with any of these options. Any ideas what else could be missing, what settings I have to do?

Thank you in advance!

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Decoding of AC-3 streams is not supported currently. For the few games that contain these you will to have select either stereo or Pro Logic II (if available).
Ah ok. I figured that would be the last I would think off. Are the plans of implementation?
I made some researches.

First, this guy claims that titanium cards don't support pro logic.
Secondly, rama said they needed a proper AC3 decoder beforehand... Though I don't know why they aren't already either using liba52 (or AC3filter under windows) or direct passthorugh that should require almost no changes even on linux systems

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