FFX-2 Fire Effect Lag. Help Please :(
Everytime if an enemy casts fire the game lags like for 5 secs till the effect is gone is there anyway to fix this or is it my pc not good enough to run it?

I'm using the latest beta default settings , no speed hacks and running on native. The game runs fine 60 fps but once fire is used it lags badly.

Pc specs
AMD Dual Core 3.2ghz
4gb ram
ATI 5450


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fire and demi, if i remember are spells that have a great down in the fps, so try to no used any and kill the enemies faster xD
it is your videocard that does that. try to play on natigve settings then it *should* have an performance increase.

otherwise... get a better videocard Tongue
Try enabling/disabling "alpha correction" and "8-bit textures" if available to you, as well as trying with native reoslution or just lower resolution as mentioned before.
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Lowering the resolution still doesnt help Sad thanks anyway

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