FFX-2 Gameplay Graphics Problems.
I know, its done to death. Everyone wants to run FFX-2 and they don't configure things properly.

Well I'm running into a few problems myself, and I would really appreciate some help.

My PS3 doesn't have backwards compatibility, so I can't play it on there. My PS2 is officially dead thanks to last weeks storms. It will not even power on, so therefor I cannot finish FFX2.

I am in the US, so my BIOS is v1.6 and my copy is US NTSC.

I patched out the FMV's. I've already seen them through what I've played and what I've seen on Youtube. So I don't need any fixes to make FMV's better. I just need gameplay.

Ingame I get choppy sound, graphics, and somewhat slow framerate.

I know my PC isn't near what is reccomended, but surely I can get better play than this? I don't need the game too look gorgeous, I just want it to run smooth without many graphical errors.

I've read through the guide and messed around with speedhacks, graphic options, interlace modes, etc.

PC Specs:
Intel Pentium D 820 (2.8ghz) (Should I overclock this to 3?)
2gigs of RAM
8600GT 512mb (Overclocked from 540mhz to 695mhz)
Windows XP Media Center Edition

Models are severly broken and flicker on and off screen.

Screenshot & Settings:


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the latest betas of pcsx2 ( enable "vu cycle stealing") and gsdx might help, but don't expect any wonders without a proper dual core cpu and dx10 support.
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Even overclocking your Pentium D you might not get much of an improvement at all (you might want to try 3.2-3.4GHz if you wanna OC it). As for your settings enable Logarithmic Z in GSdx and enable the other speedhacks and also you might want to set the clamp modes on the "config > advanced" options to none. As zero29 mentioned try the newest beta and enable the "VU cycle stealing" hack on it setting it to slight (or maybe moderate not sure how that one works here).

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Try from what Shadow lady said to me which helped

Set in the GDSx check native
In the Speed Hack Section Set the vu cycle stealing to Moderate also check and see if 8-Bit allow is check and also try setting Priority to high and see if it does better as well
Alright, thanks for help, but it just didn't do much. My 8600GT is too underclocked(Yes, even overclocked, memory clock is factory 400mhz, not the usual 8600GT 700MHZ) and outdated for anything decent paired up with my Pentium D.

I actually lucked out a couple days ago though. My friend got a PS3, so I get to borrow his old PS2 for a few weeks to play FFX-2! I'm so happy I'll get to finish it finally.

Though I am wondering 2 more things:

1. Monster arena is only in International + Last Mission, correct? So what do we do for leveling up and such? I assume minigames are to obtain items, like the arena was for in X?

2. I will be purchasing a new Intel i7 PC due to needs in design work for fashion design school, and of course gaming secondary. I was wondering if with anti-aliasing, mods, etc, are we able to push FFX-2 gameplay graphics beyond what they are via our PS2's? So in the fact I did want to replay X-2 after I give my friends PS2 back, and I haven't replaced my own broken one, I can play it on my computer but with better graphics?

Thank you so much guys Smile
If you're gonna keep that underclocked 8600gt you'll still be limited even with a i7 specially if you wanna get better graphics :p
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No, this whole rig is going to my mom. Why would I not buy a new videocard after spending $1200 on a new pc? Tongue I'll most likely buy into the GTS/GTX2-- series since I'm an nVidia fan myself. At the very least a GTS250 so it runs cooler and less power, maybe GTX260 or 275. Not sure yet.
(08-22-2009, 07:08 AM)Hilton Wrote: Why would I not buy a new videocard after spending $1200 on a new pc? Tongue

Seen people do worse, just a reminder ;<
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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