FFX-2 International + Last Mission (PS2) Question
Well, I'm extremely disappointed that you can customize the abilities of creatures while you can't do that for the main party (yuna rikku & paine).

I was wondering if there exists a way to "unlock" the main team characters too through the usage of a pnach cheat code? I'm definitely sure the block can be lifted as I don't think the game makes any internal difference between creatures and main team characters.

I'm despaired please help !

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Found this:


Perhaps my request's misleading.

I need a code that "unlocks" yuna\rikku\paine (or just yuna btw) in the "creature editor".

My goal is to be able to teach the girls 4 command 4 autoabilities.

Since I'm basically certain the game makes no real distinction between a creature and a main character, I believe if the "block" on that menu is lifted it could probably work.

So the thing is, does a code that lift the said limitation for the 3 girls (or just yuna) exist? If not, is there someone skilled at creating this kind of codes?


I did test all of these tools, nothing can do what I want, and farplane doesnt seem to work with pcsx2.
Please someone help me Smile

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