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FFX-2 New game crash
When I try running ffx-2 everything works until I try to create a new game. When i hit new game pcsx2 crashes and this message appears in "bash" line 2: 24126 Segmentation fault ./pcsx2

the entire thing in bash says:

addr 15d30 "rom0OhmySDSYS" -> "cdrom0:\SLUS_206.72;1"
addr 21798 "rom0OhmySDSYS" -> "cdrom0:\SLUS_206.72;1"
addr 90700 "rom0OhmySDSYS" -> "cdrom0:\SLUS_206.72;1"
loadElfFile: cdrom0:\SLUS_206.72;1; CRC = 48FE0C71
XML Loader returned an error. Trying to load a pnach...
gametitle: FFX-2 US
patchnumber: 0
Opening Plugins...
Plugins opened successfully.
ZZogl: Disabling MRT depth writing
(op) et_unit(ex) oef2(x409c30),number(0),id(xffffffff)
(op) et_unit(ex) oef2(xb336c0),number(0),id(xffffffff)
(op) op_event_effect_init()
(op) op_ovl_effect_init() ovl(793),me(01),id(x8001)
(op) op_oef2_sep_free_all id(xffff)
(op) op_ovl_effect_free() ovl(793)
(op) op_oef2_sep_free_all id(xffff)
(op) op_event_effect_free()
(op) op_event_effect_init()
TOInitMovie line 2: 24126 Segmentation fault ./pcsx2


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