FFX-2 Opening Cutscene
I'm sure this is common knowledge but sorry i can't find anything on it via search.

There is a shadowy-like graphic overlay on the opening cutscene of the game, happens on all backends except for software, is there a fix or setting for this or does the game have to be played with a software backend only.

i5-7200u, gtx 940mx, win10
pcsx2 1.5.0 dev 2136.

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Nome. Just use the gamefix that automatically switches to software mode on fmv
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Wow thanks, but shouldn't this be an automatic gamefix tied in with the game, anyway to link it so it enables it for ffx-2 alone.
Actually there is a fix. You need to enable the "point scaling" hw hack on gsdx for it to work in hardware mode, otherwise you need to use the switch jesalvin mentioned.

It's not that it's got a shadowy overlay, it's just dark because it's a bunch of dots Tongue
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