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This may have been asked many times, but I just wanted some confirmation and to see if any recent updates have fixed this.

Can anyone here run FFX-2 (Final Fantasy 10-2) perfectly from start to end with 60FPS for FMVs and in-game? Is there a particular setting you run with so FFX-2 won't be slow?

Even in-game, my FPS drops to 40 whenever a spell is cast or an attack is executed... FMVs hang around 40 FPS. I've fiddled with the config for about 2 hours but I can never get anything better. Is it just FFX-2's fault? I run the game directly from the actual PS2 disc, the retail copy. Just pop it into my CD ROM drive and start from there... would that affect performance?

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RAM: OCZ Reaper DDR2 4-4-4-15 4GB
OS: Vista Ultimate 64bit

If there is anything else I need to know or include, please let me know. Is my system good enough to handle this emulation?

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the fps drops with spells/actions may be tied to running the game with the game disc in your optical drive. make an iso image of it with e.g. imgburn and run it with linuziso as cdvd plugin. don't mount the iso with anything like deamon tools/alcohol 120%/etc.
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Thanks for that zero29, I'll give that a try and let you know if this fixes anything.

FPS issues in-battle aside, has anyone been able to play FFX-2 from start to finish flawlessly? Or is it just FFX-2 is wonky with PCSX2? Can you post your specs and options/settings you use in PCSX2 if it's flawless for you? Would be greatly appreciated!

Alright, was able to change it to an iso and used the plugin to run it. No change whatsoever. Here are my settings... still getting 45FPS-50FPS during all FMVs, and even 20-40 FPS in-game whenever there's anything "particle-ly" going on... like flashy spells, clouds, many lights... advanced options are default.

[Image: pic1mjd.jpg]
[Image: pic2dju.jpg]
[Image: pic3p.jpg]
[Image: pic4fcm.jpg]
Once I played a little FFX-2 US on PCSX2 0.95, beat three labyrinth and watched three FMVs. Gotta overclock my E7200 at 3.8 GHz for watching FMVs in 60FPS, for no slow down in battle I used GSDX D3D Hardware.

I don't remember what speed related hacks I committed. You may try them out.
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Use the DX10 (hardware) renderer in GSdx for the ingame speed, should be ok, and yes i've played FFX-2 perfectly and actually played it 3 times because I lost my 100% save and the second time I got only 99% for some reason and the third time to make it 100% again >_>

The FMV speed issue is a problem that cant really be solved unless you overclock your CPU, the bad quality on FMVs can be fixed by using software renderer (ingame press F9). You could try getting the latest beta for some more speed over the 0.9.6 stable maybe.

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I'll try the beta and see if I can get any more frames out of it... as for overclocking, if you noticed my desktop I just got this new rig yesterday! Was really happy actually... been stuck with a very old (5 years, 6800xt vid card, 1gb ram... like, really bad) computer for a long time, and it could only run FFX-2 at max 20FPS. I'm a bit wary of OC'ing... but I did purchase a decent heatsink and the air flow is crazy... my tower is like a mini-AC.

Yeah, I read about the switching from Hardware->Software when going through FMV or in-game... I just completely forgot about it. So yeah, that fixed the in-game problems!

Ony thing is just FMVs now... guess I'll tinker around some more or something before I give in and OC.

Thanks for all the replies! If anyone has anything else that can help don't be shy to chip in.

(Shadow Lady, how did you manage to lose your saves? That really sucks, and hope that doesn't happen to me)
It's very few FMVs, you should be able to play the game and not worry much about the FMVs really or like watch them in youtube or somewhere instead Tongue

(well I usually backup my saves on a rar file so i dont get problems later but when i was changing some stuff in a newer memcard I saved the card it as the same namefile as the one I had backup before so when I put it in the rar file it overwrote, totally my fault and only noticed later anyway Tongue)
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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