FFX-2 dilemma + problems
I just downloaded the most recent version of PCSX2 0.9.7, and I'm trying to get FFX2 to work on it. First of all, the graphics is messed up. I tried to run it on Direct3D10 Hardware with 1920x1080 res, the cut scene has scanlines and unwatchable. (I'm guessing this has something to do with the scaling). When I tried to run it with Software rendering on native res, then the cut scenes worked fine. But... the higher res setup make the game play graphics a lot better, and that's my dilemma. see the following picture:

It would be awesome if someone can provide me with a solution that can fix the scanlines problem on the higher res setup.

I also have another problem with the sound of cut scenes, they seem to lag behind a bit, and none of my tweaking with the plugin settings helped. Any ideas?

My specs:
all plug-ins are "default" ones that came with the download.
GTX 285
Windows 7 64 bit

Thanks for all the help!

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Cutscenes are all messed up in FFX-2. There's nothing you can do but set your res to native. Fortunately FFX-2 really only has like 11 cut scenes only 2-3 of which being important. Turn on the skip MPEG hack and just enjoy the game. If you wanna watch any of the cutscenes go to http://bluelaguna.net/movies/ffx2/fmvs.php
You can simply switch to software renderer while playing the movies with the F9 key then switch back to hardware again with F9. If you're running the i7 920 at default clock speeds you may not be getting full speed in the movies that's why it sound's laggy, overclocking or maybe some speedhacks (either enabling or disabling them if you're getting fake FPS instead Tongue2) could help with that.
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