FFX-2 fmv problem
hey.. i'm havin sound issue on ffx-2. during the opening my fps is 30-40 and the sound are choppy and abit slow.. and yuna is singing at slow motion.. and when i play ffx the fmv is running at full speed with no sound issue like wad i'm havin in ffx-2.

my computer specs are:

core 2 duo 1.8ghz. (overclocked to 2.1)
3gb ram

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yuna sings in slow motion, because the sound plugin tries to keep the audio in sync with the video. you can disable the time-stretching in the settings of your sound plugin, but then the sound will be skipping all the time. you will need stable 60fps for a proper fmv replay, and the ffx-2 fmvs need quite a fast cpu, nothing you can do about it.
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ok thx! i hope they make another sound addon that works well with ffx-2! Smile
u need more cpu power to play it smoothly....

overclock u'r cpu more Tongue2
i think it such a waste to let u'r core2duo only clocked @2,1Ghz...push it more Laugh
if you can psh it to 2.4 try there, 2.2is a bit sketchy, but works ok, 2.4 should be better (using dx9 sw mode)

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