FFX-2 glitch
i tried FFX-2 recently (yes i know theres allot of problems with it), and noticed a weird and really irritating bug, paine won't load properly in a battle (i think, havent played for a loooooooooong while, but when she attacks it just shows her "sliding" towards the target) and whenever she uses a swordplay skill the game just freezes

anyone experiencing this glitch/bug too and know how to fix it?

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happens randomly to me. have any speeedhacks/gamefixes on?
i have enable INTC spin detection, Enable Wait Loop Detection and mVU Flag Hack on and no gamefixes
disable the mVU hack, try turning on the IOP one (I'm still playing with FFX-2 settings, still don't have it right, but those do slow the glitching down some)
also, after the first battle, the screen just turns white, now, i know that it sometimes take a LONG time to load (also had the same thing after the first cutscene) but here nothing just happens
you're welcome to try my settings, but no promises on it working.

EE: 2 (33% or so in description)
VUstealing: 1
all speedhacks EXCEPT the last Mvu one (the one that is "no recomended" it actually does cause issues)
FFX fix
EE timing hack

this is what I use, but I gurantee nothing.
ill take a look with those settings later, so far everything is going nice with my current settings (paine is loading normal and white screen has stopped Tongue)

thanks for the quick replies Laugh
if it works for you, go with it. I'm currenty working on FF12 myself, given up for FFX-2 for now

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