FFX-2 menu glitching in OGL
Just going to throw this out there since I noticed it when playing briefly today. This might be redundant/already known/wrong section/annoying. I have no idea.

Final Fantasy X-2
In GSDX OGL, if you enable Blending Unit Accuracy of any level, there's a strange text bug. I could swear it didn't exist in a build from a few months ago when I last updated.... but perhaps that's just me misremembering what I did at the time.

If you go into the in-game menu -> Abilities -> pick a job -> (if you look at the job name at this point, there's black text behind it that shouldn't be there and in the upper right hand corner) -> cancel to the pick a job menu -> (game goes crazy trying to display and remove black text in various places). Open the accessories menu and you get a mystery number in the upper right corner. Same for White Magic. Possibly others.

Swapping to software mode and back clears the glitching until you go back and repeat the steps.

I already know the solution: don't use Blending Unit Accuracy! This is more of a feedback post.

Stuff -
PCSX2 1.3.1-20151213192058 - compiled on Dec 13 2015
Enable speedhacks unticked
Using PCSX2 Bonus, so the settings just kind of carried over from whenever in the long, long ago with occasional me clicking video plugin settings to see what happens.
Blending Unit accuracy as shown or "Ultra" causes the issue. The other modes not tested. "None" doesn't have the issue.
[Image: FFX2settings.jpg]
[Image: FFX2glitch.jpg]
I can provide a save for the game. I wish I'd kept the older version to test if the old version has this issue, but unfortunately I did not!

(Btw, it's already known and I don't expect a fix, but the bug at the Youth League headquarters with the missing floor textures even in software mode still exists. As detailed in the FFX2 pcsx2 wiki.)

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please check this tracker https://github.com/PCSX2/pcsx2/issues/995
Amd or Intel driver?
Intel i5 3570k, is this what you're looking for?

I tested if Elemental Reels show properly in FFX and it shows the background correctly, but that tracker says it doesn't always bug. The battle shattering animation displays correctly too.
Follow up:
I checked old builds.

2015-08-01 01:27:22
until the builds are too old for BUA to exist as an option
looks like this in all menus:
[Image: FFX2glitch2.jpg]
pcsx2-v1.3.1-859-g8424c18-windows-x86 until current
Behaves as in the first post.

Also NVIDIA 355.98 is my GPU driver.
Could you do some test at native resolutions. I suspect that accurate blending fix some draws call but a couple of them are likely wrong (so displaying garbadge).

Edit : did you enable depth support?
Ok, tests:
PCSX2 1.3.1-20151214100028 - compiled on Dec 14 2015
(Blending Unit Accuracy set to Basic)
Native res, no Hardware Depth: problem still exists as in first post
3x res, Hardware Depth checked:
  •   If I set this and close pcsx2 and reload it, the menu screen becomes very dark, but not the same as in the old revisions screenshot. There is a planet in the lower right corner of the menu screen and this is glitched up. The problem as in the first post (flashing "death Petals" etc) is not happening.
  [Image: FFX2glitch3.jpg]
  •   If I set Hardware Depth on and f9->f9, the display is correct until I close the in-game menu and reopen it.
  [Image: FFX2glitch4.jpg]
Native res, Hardware Depth checked:
  Same as 3x res, Hardware Depth checked.
Native res, Hardware Depth checked, Blending Unit Accuracy set to "none": no glitches, works fine
Sad Sad Sad

Please generate me a gs dump. This way I could try to reproduce the issue on my end.

PMed, let me know if I did it wrong.

Sorry it ended up being an annoying issue!
To keep you informed. I didn't manage to reproduce it so far and I'm busy with others stuff.

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