FFX-2 movies (FMVs) help.
First of all I would really like to thank the creators and all the people who helped made pcsx2 such a success thank you for all the efforts Smile

I've just recently finished FFX with very very very minimal problems(playable) and i want to play FFX-2. now about my problem, i've read several topics concerning about my problem some of which i've already tried but didn't able to achieve my expectations. is FFX-2's FMVS really slows the framerate?? like 20-30fps or so?

I've read trancer1's thread but we have different problems. my FMVS are crap. like 20-30fps, vertical stripes, and blinking. sometimes the occassional uncentered view (when i'm messing with the options)

-i'm currently using 0.9.7 and 0.9.8 i've been switching gdsx3693 and gdsx4600 (depending on the pcsx2 version i'm using)
-hacks allowed
-i dunno why there are three versions of gdsx (sse2, 3 and 4). i don't know which one to use.
-About my current settings i just copied Recoder's setting that he showed to trancer1 which is.....



Disable framelimiter is turned off
Base - 200%
Slow - 100%
Turbo - 200%

frame skipping - constant
2 frames to draw and 2 frames to skip

d)Window - that suits your best!

e)Speedhacks - All turned Off!

f)Game Fixes - FFX Video Fix and EE timing hack!


a)GSdx 3693

DX10/DX11 Hardware - You might need to use Software mode to correct graphics problem!

Interlacing -(mine is NONE, but you might need to enable them to correct gfx problems.)

Hardware - Logarithmic Z and Alpha Correction(FBA) (use only when in Hardware mode as in my case)

Software(only if you select software, plz use the following) -
Rendering threads - 1
Edge Anti-aliasing(AA1) - true;

Hacks -
HW Anti-aliasing - 1
Alpha Hack - 0 or Not checked
Offset Hack - 1 or checked
Skipdraw Hack - 2

which definitely removed the garbage in the FMVs and still being able to maintain around 20-30 fps.

My CPU is
a pentium dual core 2.8
6gb memory
ati 9800 gt 1gb
running on windows 7 ultimate

if i'm missing in on details pls tell me.. and thank you very much for taking time to reading my post. P.S. i'm a noob Sad

edit: can you help me find a suitable settings for me to use?? one with maybe 40-50 or even 60 if possible fps in the FMVS..? FFX series aren't gorgeous to play when you're not enjoying their FMVS..

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I fear that for a long while, pressing F9 while playing the cutscenes in FFX-2 is the way to go (nominally playing it in software mode, and yes, probably slowlyyyy). Remember to press F9 again to return to hardware mode as soon they finish.
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Yup. Press F9 (switch to Software Mode) if you want to see the FMVs correctly. Once the FMV is over you can press F9 again to go back to Hardware Mode.
(05-01-2011, 09:01 PM)blubanono Wrote: -i dunno why there are three versions of gdsx (sse2, 3 and 4). i don't know which one to use.

There's no SSE3 version, there's a SSSE3 one tho. Usually the rule is "the bigger the number, the faster", your pentium dual-core should work with the SSSE3 version.
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Thnx so much for the fast reply guys Smile

@nosisab ken Keleh and tuanming: ok i'll go try it. Smile but uh.. i've got a question though.. are the settings good enough?.. Sad
if you know anyone with the same specs or close as i have would it be possible to tell me their IDs so i can message them? Smile thank you very much!!

@Shadow Lady: thnx for answering my hidden question Tongue ok then SSSE3 it is.

another question is about the configurations on the sound.. Sad it sucks.. but i guess it can't be helped since i'm running on below normal fps..

I guess i'll just watch the fmv's online..
Yep, it's a total of 11 FMVs so it's easy to do anyway Tongue2
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
thank you guys for your help Smile hmmm is it ok to say that this topic is already closed??

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