FFX-2 slow probs. Can i get help?
i have:
Quad 2 core Q6700
Two sli 275 gtx's
6 gigs of ram running at 2000 mhz
4 hard drives running at raid 0
790i ultra MB

i have 2 version of ffx2 one has lines down the intro and slow sound.
the other i can get a good image from the intro but the whole games sound is slow and only hearing it in bits and pieces.

what can i do in a config to fix that? or any help would be awesome.

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PCSX2 version and settings? plugin settings?
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Do what ShadowLady told and try r1888 beta version and the 31 December Plugins . (If you're still not using).
Playing with PCSX2:
nothing now.

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(02-14-2010, 06:24 PM)Shadow Lady Wrote: PCSX2 version and settings? plugin settings?

I dont know what the plug in are where can i get them? i think it came with some plug ins but not sure what ones.
Its in the sticky section, only a few threads above this one......
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