FFX-2 sound problems
heey guys,

When i finished downloading FFX-2, i tried it immediatly. but when i got to the intro, i didnt hear any sound or whatsover, except voor some sounds when entering a battle and when attacking or dying.
This problem didnt occur at FFX where all sound were just great.
I've tried every possible sound plugin but none helped, even with adjustments.

is this an ISO error, or did i just do something wrong with my configurations? And if it's the latter please help me solve itBlush

Greetz Gary
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you could try looking for older plugins (like the playground branch of plugins) but other than that I have no idea. I don't think it's a config error either.
@yazzmine : From what you download that game Iso? Maybe become really Bad bad one.
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ripping an ISO too fast can do that too.
Quote:When i finished downloading FFX-2
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Quote:And if it's the latter please help me solve it
Never ever, as we don't support piracy.
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Quote:When i finished downloading FFX-2

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