FFX - A way to skip scenes that crash the game
Can all crashing problems with FFX be resolved by upgrading to the newest version of PCSX2? If not, then you can use FFXED to skip over problem areas in the game.

For example, enter this to go to immediately after the Kilika sending scenes:
World Location: 152
Room Position: 1
Storyline Position: 302

Would it be worthwhile to make a list of these sort of problem areas in the game and the coordinates to jump over them?

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afaik only the auron look bug right at the begining has no definitive solution, yet (changing the cdvd plugin or aggressive speed hack/frame skipping settings could help iirc). djose temple, al bhed home crashes are fixed in the betas, kilika sending is fixed by setting your clamp modes to extra (or higher?). but still, it can't hurt to have a plan b ready, so feel free to make such a list Wink
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