FFX Al bhed problem
Hi ppl,have a little problem with Al bhed save orb.It looks to me that its technical problem with emulator.As they say one pic is wort 1k words so :
[Image: 90287161.th.jpg]

and yet:

[Image: 42544246.th.jpg]

any ideas?suggestions?

thx in advance.

forgot to mention version of the emulator is 0.97 ><

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If you do have a multi boot system with two windows and this one is actually in the D: partition, it's very possible those dreaded words "Program Files" is the answer.

Solution: Never install games in that folder or it's (x86) akin
Actual solution (best one) ... move the emulator to a non protected folder, Something like D:\Games\.... delete the pcsx2.ini and let the game rebuild it. Correct the paths wherever needed.

Others solutions: mess with access rights, run as The Administrator, Disable UAC ... one or any combination of these.

IF it's not that the problem; certify the memory card is not full.
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That's not a save orb it's a load one for older albhed dictionary files.

There should be a save one close to where you are, make sure the memory card is formatted by going into the bios and formatting from there (select "No disc" from the CDVD menu then run the emu with "System > Boot CDVD (Full)")
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nah,have only one OS and it's on c:\

@Shadow Lady

in the next corridor there is save game orb that works.but this is first al bhed orb i came across,so if i got u straight game remebers words even from earlier games?(my english sucks,i dont know whats the word when u finish game...if there is one.)
what confused me is that notice states that there is no memory card in slot,and not file on card itself.
can someone clarify me that pls?
Have you been using save states? (F1 and F3)
If so, we have a security feature built into the emulator that can cause a game
not to find the memory cards.
Either don't use save states or try accessing that al bhed sphere several times.
Was that one I was flying around and outside my head to recall, rama ... it is explained in the emulator's documentation and was a recursive message in the console that I haven't see for a while in the latest svn builds. Now it will be in my head for at least a month before I forget it again Smile
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