FFX Audio problem
Ok so I did a search for this problem I'm having but they are all from outdated version of PCSX2, so I decided to make my own thread.

So I'm playing FFX and it runs beautifully at 60 FPS. Only problem is the audio seems to be faster at time usually when the characters are speaking. Tidus' mouth would be moving for like 2 seconds longer than the audio and its not synced up or anything, kind of annoying.

Yes I have frame limit turned on, and I believe I had everything setup properly. Interpolation is Linear, the Module is XAudio 2.

I also noticed this problem in the menu screen in FFX. When I move my cursor up or down the sound of my cursor moving is delayed by about 1-2 seconds.

Is there a way to get the video and audio synced up right? Or is this something I'll have to deal with for the rest of the game?


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mostly squaresoft or square enix games loves Peops sound plug-in try that plug-in and addition set interploration to Cubic,the rest is default.
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