FFX Battle Quotes.
Alright so, this is a very minor issue, probably one of the most minor ones ever, but here goes.
When a character kills the last fiend in a battle they're supposed to say a catch phrase or something along those lines, like I remember Tidus saying "See Ya!" when he delivers the final strike to a fiend, I know this because I used to play this non stop on the PS2, however, I realised they do not appear on the game when its being emulated, I haven't got a single clue what half the options do or how the game engine works otherwise I would have looked into this myself.
Like I say very minor but it is a let down somehow.
Apart from that very good job on this emulator guys, very well done I appreciate a free program like this letting me play my old games!

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Somehow I have the feeling that this was working when I emulated it but I might be wrong and can not test it now.

You can play with the rounding and clamping modes of the emulator in emulation settings EE/VU. Put Clampiing to Full and Extra + Preserve sign. Also rounding should be negative for ffx to solve some other bugs if I remember correctly. Just play a bit.
I'm playing FFX now. I use Linux version, with chop and normal for my modes. I get the quotes all the time. Doesn't happen every battle but most of them. It depends on the area you're in.
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It was working for me about 6 months ago.
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Yeah after playing for most of a night they slowly started kicking in and being used more and more often, although for example you know how their supposed to say something when they first use a spell? They say it after the 2nd or 3rd time, though that's literally so insignificant, it doesn't matter.
Either way looks like the problem fixed itself, oh and the EE/VU settings I already put on before because of the backwards bosses thing a while ago.
Anyways thanks for the help guys, appreciate it!
And once again, good work on this program and thanks for keeping it free!
The reason they most likely don't say anything like See ya is because you are the correct strength for the area. The more powerful you are the more often they start after battle taunting.
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