FFX Blackscreen
hey folks..

so played FFX without any problems.. nice vids.. nice gameplay.. nice graphix..
but now.. after the cutscene on Kilika Island, where Yuna guides the dead to the farplane, then Tidus talks some of his "hm.. what the?" Lulu hold Yuna in her Arms..
Scene fadeout smoothly, Tidus saying somethign like.. blah.. i never want to see it again..
then u hear the typical sleeping sound and ocean waves, while screen is black..
and then it stays black -.-
i simply see a blackscreen and hear ocean sounds.. very relaxing.. but not what i want ffx to be Wink

i dont hear anythign else, even if i press any buttons on controller..

tryed every graphic modes.. with filters without, antialising on/off, ffx hack on/off.. etc.. every setup u can choose in the 4 standard graphic plugins..
everytime the screen stays black..

could it be the dvd/iso? or any other ideas?

thX in advance..

edit says: im using the pcsx2 0.9.6

edit also says: narf.. used the beta now.. works -.- i feel like a dumbass ^^

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