FFX Blitzball Win patch
i have hit rock bottom in blitzball. this crap is IMPOSSIBLE i can never win let alone score a single point. so, i want to resort to gameshark codes. i tried one from codetwink, but all it did was show my points at max, and the game was completely cut off at halftime, eliminating the entire point of even playing blitzball at all.

so, does anybody have a working patch for a blitzball always win code for the US version of FFX? (NOT THE INTERNATIONAL VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT THE EUROPEAN VERSION! THE US VERSION)

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I am not sure what exactly it is that you want... You want to always instantly win or do you actually want to play Blitzball but always win?

In any case, you could use my program to seriously cripple the other Blitzball teams while pimping yours out with all the best players and abilities so that it is impossible for you to lose (note: doesn't work on the first match). Or, you could just use it to eliminate the need to play Blitzball in the first place by giving yourself overdrives/key items.

i would try this out if i knew how to use it. Mellow
It is really easy. This dude breaks it down so that even mega-noobs can understand:
if someone has a EU patch for PAL - E I will convert the code for NTSC U/C
(08-06-2009, 10:13 AM)Saiki Wrote: if someone has a EU patch for PAL - E I will convert the code for NTSC U/C

i think i saw it somewhere in the patch post thread.

//Always Win

found it
Ill get on it once I find my conversion table Angry


this should work, lemme know if it doesn't
i don't know if this will always happen, but after i exit the half time setup, it just endlessly sits there and i can't get to the next part Mellow
you can check my math if you want:

this is the way I for my figures to convert it:

NTSC U/C: 0031A028
PAL-E: 0031D218

31F0 -dif (PAL is HIGHER)

U + 31f0 = pal?

so in other words, if that isn't the non-international PAL-E FFX, the code won't work.
i think there may be a problem with the 99 points part in the code. i once turned it off in the middle of a game, scored a point, and it went to 90. scored again, and it went to 0 Wacko

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