FFX Camera Control Hacks
Hello PCSX2 forum, I am aristarchus9. (I usually don't post on forums, but I thought I'd share this.)

A few months ago, I devoted some time in creating/finding camera control hacks for FFX International.

(I also devoted time in manipulating character and model coordinates/location, and manipulating light source location.)

I see no reason why the hacks I developed should not be able to run on FFX2 or even the standard version of FFX (assuming that they run on the same engine and the correct modifications are made.)

I was hoping to devote more time in creating/developing these hacks, and make them available without bugs or glitches; however at the rate I'm going, they will not be done anytime soon(it's been months since I've actually done any work on the hacks.).

So I was curious if anyone would like to take over development or even tinker with the hacks themselves. I'm sure some hacker, or even group of hackers on this forum would delight in participating in this endeavor.

I figured that I'm better off sharing this with everyone else, rather than not sharing and no one being able to use them to their fullest.

Videos showing the hack:

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