FFX Crash Help
Hp Pavilion Laptop
Windows XP Home
AMD Turion64

PCSX2 beta

Gsdx 3068 - Direct3D9, blend ttf, native res, log checked, alpha checked
ZeroSPU2 - Time Scaling checked
Linuz ISO
EE/IOP - Recompiler, Chop/Zero, Clamping None, flush to zero and denormals to zero checked
VUs - Same as EE/IOP
SpeedHacks - EE cycle rate 2, VU cycle stealing 2, Other hacks all checked, Micro VU hacks only flag hack checked
FFX gamefix checked

Game turns my computer screen black just after starting the Zanarkand destruction FMV everytime.. Ive tried some setups that ive seen on here with the same spot crashing - the setup i have now has given me the best frame rate of about 20 ~ 25 fps average... but i dont really know what im doing when im playing around with the settings. was wondering if someone had any ideas...

I now have a save state just prior to the crashing point so that tweaks are easy to test... Unfortunately i haven't gotten to a save point in game yet so i cant alter a save point to get me past this..

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